Custom Ring Design

Many customers today are confined to choosing catalog jewelry rings that inevitably reflect the ideas other than their own. We often hear from customers who have creative, personalized ideas for their ring, but cannot find anything on the market that fits their image. At Wilson Diamond Brokers, one of the things we take the most pride in is our ability and willingness to make the customer vision a reality, working closely with individuals customer to design a unique one of a kind piece.


Select the design theme or style that complements your Diamond, and our in-house designers will initiate the visualization process by meticulously crafting every signature detail in 3D modeling, ensuring perfection in every aspect.


Once the CAD image is ready, we will send it to you for approval. If changes needed to be made, we adjust the CAD accordingly until we get it exactly right. At this point we use our 3D printers to create a wax version of the custom ring.

Casting & Setting

Using the wax, we then create a mould into which the gold or platinum is poured, thus casting the custom ring into life. At this point the ring is passed on to our goldsmiths, engravers and diamond setters who hand finish your custom engagement ring and polish it, ready for delivery to your door.

Set up a Custom Design Consultation with us.

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